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Traditional UZBEK Women's Costume Dress Robe Khalat, Cap Uzbekistan CENTRAL ASIA

Traditional UZBEK Women's Costume Dress Robe Khalat, Cap Uzbekistan CENTRAL ASIA

Traditional UZBEK Women's Costume Dress Robe Khalat, Cap Uzbekistan CENTRAL ASIA    Traditional UZBEK Women's Costume Dress Robe Khalat, Cap Uzbekistan CENTRAL ASIA
Traditional Uzbek Women's Festival Costume (Robe) with a Cap. RARE, Original Traditional Women's UZBEK Festival Costume/ Robe (Khalat) with a Cap (from Uzbekistan/ Central Asia)- ALMOST NEW. This Dress was made for an Uzbek woman to wear on special/ festive occasions (not a casual dress). Elaborate & Fancy Dress on Dark Blue Velvet fabric, hand detailed with golden (gold colored) threading, ribbons & beads. Size- No size mentioned on the dress, but it can fit a woman wearing Medium/ Large Sizes. Golden color Women's Cap (tubeteika) decorated with flowers & leaf ornaments. Conditions: It is almost new, had been wear only a couple of times, however it might have some light age wear (almost 10 years old) & some minor dents (on the shoulder section) because it was on a hunger for such a long time. For more details on conditions check the provided images or ask us. Images are important part of the Conditions description. VISIT OUR LISTING AGAIN, SINCE WE REGULARLY ADD NEW ITEMS : Russian USSR Europe Books & Military Collectables. Traditional Uzbek womens suit consists of plain khan-atlas tunic-dress and wide trousers. Holiday garments were made of satin fabric richly embroidered with golden thread. Womens headdress consists of three elements: a skull-cap, kerchief and turban. An essential part of traditional holiday garments of Uzbek women are gold and silver jewellery: earrings, bracelets, necklaces.

Surkhandarya women most of all prefer the colors of red nuance as a symbol of well-being. The embroidery pattern was chosen not by chance, it always had magic or practical function. One could judge about the owners social status by the patterns, though sometimes they bear other meanings. For instance, repeating geometrical pattern on the braiding was a something like an amulet Clothing of black or dark blue colors was not popular in any region of Uzbekistan due to a superstition.

Sogdian patterns have preserved the traces of Zoroastrian influence. The colors in this region were chosen on the basis of the position in society.

For example, prevailing blue and violet nuances in a womans dress showed her husbands pride of place, while greenish motifs were frequently used by peasants and craftsmen. The footwear consisted of mahsi (ichigi nice heelless step-in boots with a soft sole), and high boots made of rough leather or rubber. It was very handy and warm footwear which is quite popular even today. A tubeteika or tübätäy Uzbek: Do'ppi/, Tatar: , Turkmen:Tahiya, Uyghur. ULY: Doppa Russian: is a Central Asian cap, today worn in Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan, as well as in Muslim-populated regions of Russia (mainly Tatars).

The tubeteika is worn typically by the Turkic ethnic groups of the region. It bears some superficial resemblance to the yurt, another Central Asian cultural icon. The cap is called in Uzbek duppi or kalpoq and is considered an applied art form and an important part of the traditional folk costume. Black with a flat, square base, in Chust the caps are made with white embrodiery with "four arches [which] represent impenetrable gates that will keep all enemies at bay; the burning peppers protect against the evil eye; and the almonds or bodom are said to symbolise life and fertility". We do not recommend to use P.

All the items that we sell are 100% Original (Guarantee). Item in the pictures is the actual item that you will receive. Return is accepted ONLY if item is not as described in the listing. We work very hard to provide the best possible service to our valued customers and our policy reflects our dedication. More Soviet Russian (USSR, Soviet Union, CCCP) medals/ orders, badges, and other World War 2 (WWII) militery items will be listed latter: Order Of The Red Banner ("a ", Orden "Krasnogo Znameni") , Order Of The Red Star (" ", Orden "Krasnaya Zvezda"); Order Of The Patriotic War (1st , 2nd, 3rd Class) " " (, ,)Orden "Otechestvennoj Vojny" (Pervoj Stepeni); Order Of Alexander Nevsky(" ", Orden "Aleksandra Nevskogo"); Order Of Suvorov (3rd Class) , Orden "Suvorova" (Tret'ej Stepeni); Order Of Kutuzov (3rd Class) , Orden "Kutuzova" (Tret'ej Stepeni); Order Of Glory (2nd, 3rd Class) (,) Orden "Slavy" (Tret'ej Stepeni); Order Of Friendship Of Peoples (; Orden Druzhby Narodov); Order Of The Red Banner Of Labour (" ", Orden "Trudovogo Krasnogo Znameni"); Order Of The Badge Of Honour (" ", Orden "Znak Pocheta"); Order Of Maternal Glory (2nd Class); Order Of The October Revolution (" ", Orden "Oktyabr'skoj Revolyutsii"); Order Of Labour Glory (2nd Class) " " , Orden "Trudovoj Slavy" (Vtoroj Stepeni); Medal For Valour (" ", Medal' "Za Otvagu"); For Combat Merits(" ", Medal' "Za Boevye Zaslugi"); Distinguished Service In Guarding The State Border (" ", Medal' "Za Otlichie V Okhrane Gosudarstvennoj Granitsy SSSR"); For 20 Years Military Service (20); For The Defence Of Leningrad (, Za oboronu Leningrada)- Odessa, Sevastopol, Stalingrad, Moscow, Caucasus, Kiev; For the Capture of Berlin (, Za vsyatie Berlina)- Budapest, Prague, For the Victory Over Germany (,, Za pobedu nad Germaniej); Medal For Labour Valour (, Za trudovuyu doblest'); Medal For Distinguished Labour (, Za trudovoe otlichie); 20 Years Of Victory In The Great Patriotic War (20 , 20 Let Pobedy v Velikoj Otechestvennoj Vojne)- 30,, 40, 50, 60, 100th Birthday Of Vladimir Lenin.

Glory, victory, world war 1, 2, I, II, medal, medal, order, orders, lenin, stalin, labor, aword.. The item "Traditional UZBEK Women's Costume Dress Robe Khalat, Cap Uzbekistan CENTRAL ASIA" is in sale since Saturday, September 19, 2015. This item is in the category "Antiques\Linens & Textiles (Pre-1930)\Embroidery". The seller is "yaay2007" and is located in Pasadena, California. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Velvet

Traditional UZBEK Women's Costume Dress Robe Khalat, Cap Uzbekistan CENTRAL ASIA    Traditional UZBEK Women's Costume Dress Robe Khalat, Cap Uzbekistan CENTRAL ASIA