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Large antique French fabric toile de jouy (d'Alsace) red print curtain (right)

Large antique French fabric toile de jouy (d'Alsace) red print curtain (right)

Large antique French fabric toile de jouy (d'Alsace) red print curtain (right)    Large antique French fabric toile de jouy (d'Alsace) red print curtain (right)

Large antique French fabric toile de jouy (d'Alsace) red print curtain (right). For your consideration is an antique French toile curtain with a matching fabric curtain tie. L'Amour et l'Amiti.

It was designed by Jean-Jacques Karpff after an early 18th century engraving. (Constant Friendship) by Fortier which reproduces an unidentified painting of the same period by Jean-Baptiste Mallet.

The curtain is unlined and the fabric is cotton with a full length fringe attached to the side, gathered at the top with a strip of fabric at the back. The print is wonderfully crisp (a sign it was in an early batch of printing) and is a shade of red, rather than pink, although the fine engravings mixed with the background can make it look a bit like a coral pink from a distance in my opinion. The unprinted cotton is definitely more of a warm off-white as opposed to bright white. This may change once washed.

It was hard for me to get an accurate representation of the colour in my photos. I think I must have chosen a really bad time of day regarding the light.

If you do require an exact colour match, please contact me. Not only is this because of the volume, but also (quite obviously) because the whole piece can be utilised for this purpose; there aren't any odd pieces at the sides, like with a bed cover for instance. Plus, the sections of fabric are all pattern matched to create a seamless piece. Arguably, cotton isn't the most suitable fabric to use for upholstery, but for the right piece (I'm thinking more a show piece) you could create a really unique and beautiful item of furniture. Of course, being a large amount you have a lot more options for other uses as well and of course you could just keep it as a curtain.

Modern toile doesn't come close to antique toile in my opinion, in terms of quality even the designer fabrics. When I bought this (over a year ago) it was to reupholster a chaise longue, but like many ideas I've had, I ended up going in a different direction.

I still think it would have looked amazing, which is why I held on to it, hoping I'd end up using it for something else. Please note all measurements are approximate. I took measurements at different points, which is how there are variations in the figures provided.

However, I couldn't take a measurement everywhere, so as it is handmade please allow for variations at different points along the fabric. Overall measurements are as follows.

73.5 inches (6.1ft) (not including fringe). Fringe: 3cm deep or 1.1 inches.

Curtain tie: 70cm x 14.7cm (including fringe) or approx. 27.5 inches x 5.75 inches. The curtain is made up of 6 sections of fabric. Within this, the largest complete pieces (width-wise) measure approx.

80cm wide and 284-6cm long (x2). Overall, considering its age it's in very good condition. Because the print is so busy, it was every difficult to spot imperfections from the front (and some were only really apparent looking from the back).

There is some colour fade along the top right edge with the fringe, no doubt where it was exposed to the light. There is the odd tear of various lengths which I tried to capture in some of the pictures. There are some stains, particularly some small/medium round brownish marks. There is a scattering of darkish and yellow marks along the gathered top (please refer to pictures) and the odd small dark spot on the main body of fabric, along with the odd pale yellow mark.

The stains may or may not come out once washed. The curtain tie is not in the best condition: it's of interest mainly in terms of its construction as opposed to the toile fabric itself. It has faded in places and there is also a scattering of brown/dark marks (please refer to pictures), some yellow/brown marks as well as quite a large hole revealing the hessian underneath. There is also some yellowing of the fabric. As a final note in relation to its construction: although not very noticeable there does appear to be some loss of scene at the seams (that appear vertically) so that the pattern is not totally uninterrupted (please refer to pictures).

Looking at the fabric from the back, the seams are incredibly neat with a few millimetres of excess fabric, and the edge of the fabric doesn't look cut. I'm thinking therefore, that the pattern actually goes to the very edge with no overlap/horizontal repeat and to create a continuous flow you would need to use the entire natural width, which is impossible to achieve with the usual method of sewing. This could however be achieved by using an intermediary strip of fabric behind the two edges. It's hard to work out how much scene is missing (I'd say it's around the 5-7mm mark looking from the front) and how much of it is within the seams.

Although this amount could be accounted for from the excess seam fabric alone, I also wouldn't rule out the possibility that some of the image is just not there in which case a totally consistent pattern can never be achieved. At this moment, I'm not so keen to start disassembling the curtain to find out when it may not be of such importance to whoever would like to use it. And, I'm afraid my knowledge of this particular print historically does not go as far as to know if this is the case. If you do have any queries regarding this matter however, please contact me. Please pay within three days, or else contact me within this time to arrange an alternative time frame.

I do my best to describe items as accurately as possible. However, in the unlikely event that I have missed some detail, please contact me, and I will do my best to remedy the situation. With regard to colour: please take in to account discrepancies due to your own computer monitor, which may produce colours differently, as well as variations due to the lighting etc.

When the photos were taken. If I feel the images do not represent the colours accurately then I will highlight this in the description.

However, if you require an exact colour match, please contact me, and I will try and sort something out. Please contact me with any questions you may have and I will endeavour to provide a response as soon as I can. Create listings that get noticed! With Auctiva's 1,800+ Templates. The item "Large antique French fabric toile de jouy (d'Alsace) red print curtain (right)" is in sale since Sunday, June 11, 2017.

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Large antique French fabric toile de jouy (d'Alsace) red print curtain (right)    Large antique French fabric toile de jouy (d'Alsace) red print curtain (right)