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585 Gold Wedding Rings Yellow Pair Price With 36 Diamonds 0,54ct. Tw /

585 Gold Wedding Rings Yellow Pair Price With 36 Diamonds 0,54ct. Tw /
585 Gold Wedding Rings Yellow Pair Price With 36 Diamonds 0,54ct. Tw /

585 Gold Wedding Rings Yellow Pair Price With 36 Diamonds 0,54ct. Tw /    585 Gold Wedding Rings Yellow Pair Price With 36 Diamonds 0,54ct. Tw /

585 Gold - Wedding Rings - Yellow - Pair Price - With 36 Diamonds - 0,54ct. The description of this item has been automatically translated. We are manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of silver jewelry and top quality wedding rings.

If you are looking for high quality and unique wedding rings or wedding rings, then you have come to the right place at ANADA. We offer wedding rings - wedding rings - wedding rings - partner rings. This manufactory has been producing wedding rings made of gold and platinum for over 100 years. Here we offer you two (a pair) wedding rings made of gold 333 in the color yellow gold.

Ring sizes : 48 Ø 15.3mm, 49 Ø 15.6 mm, 50 Ø 15.9 mm, 51 Ø 16.2 mm. 52 Ø 16.5 mm, 53 Ø 16.8 mm, 54 Ø 17.2 mm, 55 Ø 17.5 mm, 56 Ø 17.8 mm, 57 Ø 18.1 mm. 58 Ø 18.4 mm, 59 Ø 18.8 mm, 60 Ø 19.1 mm, 61 Ø 19.4 mm, 62 Ø 19.7 mm, 63 Ø 20.0 mm, 64 Ø 20.3 mm, 65 Ø 20.6 mm. 66 Ø 21.0 mm, 67 Ø 21.3 mm, 68 Ø 21.6 mm, 69 Ø 21.9mm, 70 Ø 22.2mm, 71 Ø 22.5mm, 72 Ø 23.0 mm, 73 Ø 23, 3. Do you need support in determining the ring size - please write to us!

We do not have the wedding rings in stock but they are specially made to your wishes and sizes! Manufacture at your request, clearly tailored to your personal needs (excludes return / right of withdrawal) § 312 g BGB.

Would you like to try on the ring for security - before the order is carried out? Material: 585 yellow gold / stamped - with label! Ring width: women's ring - 3.0 mm - men's ring 5.0 mm - other widths also possible.

Ring thickness: 1.30 mm. Stone setting: 32 - 40 (depending on the ring size) 0.015ct diamonds - brilliant cut - TW-SI.

A total of 0.54ct. Shape outside: Rounded - classic - rounded on the edges.

Shape inside: cambered, slightly rounded on the edges (very comfortable to wear). Surfaces: as desired, for example, polished or frosted as desired. Would you like a different width or thickness? No problem, please write to us, we will make you an offer immediately.

The wedding rings can also be ordered in gold 585, 750 (yellow, red, pink, gray gold) or platinum (also with diamonds) - ask us - we will be happy to answer all your questions! Two wedding rings, solid gold 585 - color yellow gold or as desired. Tradition and highest quality criteria. Telephone number: 08741/9262006 - If all employees are talking or busy - please speak to the answering machine.

Contact via WhatsApp service may also be possible on 01738443043 - response usually within 1 hour! Monday - Friday: 6:00 a. On Saturday: 8:00 a. On Sunday we always try to answer, if that is possible. But we will reply on Monday at the latest. Highest level of service especially for you, dear customer! We don't sell cheap, we sell the right QUALITY! Definition of terms: Sample rings: Are replicas of the later gold rings made of silver, these look like the later gold rings (minimal deviations are possible). The sample rings can be supplied in size 54 (women's ring) or in size 64 (men's ring).

Ring blanks: These are ring templates that are only used to determine the size! They are not an example of the later gold rings! In so-called multisizer - for approximate size determination.

You can also visit us in our store in Vilsbiburg. Dear wedding couples, customers and interested parties. We offer you the real top wedding rings, we are manufacturers and jewelers as well as concessionaires of the most important brands in Germany and Austria. You can also visit us in our wedding ring studio or Visit jewelry store. Our measurements always give you the exact values.

We also present you real images, not just catalog images, which are often retouched and copied and used by other providers without consent. All of our real images are protected by law. Please pay attention to offers without ring thickness information (ring heights) or only approximate information often given as approx.

Such information can ultimately vary greatly. We therefore always give you the exact details of the thicknesses (heights), widths, etc. We promise the best price for really high quality wedding rings.

Dear bridal couples, do not always be guided by the price - with us you get the best price for the best quality. We can be reached 24 hours a day on WhatsApp. Almost everything is possible with us, the price is adjusted individually. For example, we can set the diamonds in the men's ring on the inside so that only you know, etc.

We can also engrave a picture on the wedding ring, but also handwriting, fingerprint or signature. We only give weight information between so and so in our offers, as we do not know your ring sizes. If you give us your ring sizes and would like to be informed about the weight of the respective model, write to us, we will calculate this immediately and give you precise information. We are members of the Chamber of Crafts.

Color: yellow gold Ring thickness: 1.30 mm A total of 0.54ct. Inside: polished Stamped, of course!! Visit our SHOP supreme supreme widgets supreme widgets supreme widgets!! Definition of terms: We heartily invite you. Our address: Pilch jeweler Veldener Str.

1 84137 Vilsbiburg Welcome to Juwelier Pilch Best regards Your Pilch Jeweler Team C. This item is in the category "Collectables\Sewing\Boxes & Baskets".schmuck-juwelier-pilch" and is located in this country: DE. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  • Ring size for Woman: 48 Ø 15,3mm
  • Ring size for Man: 56 Ø 17,8mm
  • Cut: Brilliant
  • Weight: 0,54ct
  • Main Stone & Pearls: Diamond
  • Color: Yellow /Rose gold
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Brand: ANADA
  • Material: Gold
  • Metal: 585 / 14 kt
  • Clarity / Purity: tw si
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Germany
  • Noble METAL: Gold
  • Size: 48 - 74
  • Selected Search Filter: 585 Gold

585 Gold Wedding Rings Yellow Pair Price With 36 Diamonds 0,54ct. Tw /    585 Gold Wedding Rings Yellow Pair Price With 36 Diamonds 0,54ct. Tw /